I use a multifaceted approach to health and thoughtfully implement aspects of medical, rehabilitation, and wellness services to provide the best and most successful possible care for each of my patients.

My philosophy is based on three strong convictions.

1.You are the person who will get you better. I will share my professional knowledge, experience, and skills, in suggesting the best course of treatment, and we will succeed together if you invest sufficient time and energy to make the necessary changes for an ultimately rewarding recovery.

2. Maintaining your active lifestyle is important to both of us, and we will continuously balance your physical goals and stamina with optimal recovery needs.

3. Combining all available modalities works better then a stepwise approach for musculoskeletal conditions. We will include traditional medical treatments (medications, injections), rehabilitation interventions (exercise, physical modalities, taping, bracing),  and integrative techniques (acupuncture, meditation, bodywork) to get you well.

As I am both a physician and a teacher, physicians-in-training will be contributing to your care. In addition to the obvious benefit of preparing the next generation of excellent physicians who will care for you, I find that there are two other advantages of having a ‘teaching’ practice: a. having students around keeps me on my toes and at the top of my game, and b. having a few extra bright brains around frequently results in better care for you than if I am doing it on my own.

Looking forward to working with you,

Alex Moroz, M.D.

Tel 646 501 7277


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