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Well it’s been 9 days since my last treatment and I have had an incredibly pain-free week!! It’s just amazing and there are no words to express my gratitude to you. I have had some twinges in my head from time to time throughout the 9 days but nothing serious nor would I even mention it, except that I know you want the details. Truthfully, and I don’t mean to be overly dramatic I said to Mal, my husband, “Dr. Moroz has given me my life back.” When I came to you I was truly at my wits end because no other doctor had any solution to my suffering and I was suffering. One doesn’t understand what it is to live with a chronic pain until one does- for sure I didn’t and it is not fun. It’s debilitating and can change ones entire personality. I could feel it happening to me, slowly, day by day.
You have my sincerest gratitude.
Scarsdale, New York

About a year ago when I was diagnosed with serious (and painful) damage to the muscles of my right shoulder, I was dismayed at the suggestion of corrective surgery. No assurance of outcome, immobilized for months of healing, this was very discouraging to a Senior citizen living alone. Determined to explore alternatives, I was fortunately directed to Dr. Moroz and Acupuncture. We met, agreed on a trial of four treatments over a three week period.
Astonishingly, I was pain free and could use my arm comfortably without undergoing “the knife”.
When I forget myself and do “heavy lifting”, I return for an occasional booster.
New York City

An Apprehensive Acupuncture Advocate: Eyes Shut Tight
My journey into the world of acupuncture began quite innocently. I was admitted to the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine on the 4th day after surgery for Total Knee Replacement. At my first appointment after discharge, Dr. Alex Moroz said acupuncture might help decrease the swelling and pain I was experiencing. It might also help decrease the scar tissue that was forming. My 6 ½ inch scar was healing badly. The lower half was smooth and the upper half was wide and prominent. I have always been afraid of needles, so acupuncture was not for me. Dr. Moroz showed me an acupuncture needle and offered me to let him apply it. I felt nothing more than a flick of his finger against my skin.Four half-hour sessions were arranged. I approached the first session with great apprehension, but soon decided that acupuncture was all right as long as I didn’t open my eyes.Acupuncture enables me to bend my knee more. Acupuncture improves my range of motion. Acupuncture allows me to straighten my leg more. Acupuncture decreased the swelling in my knee.As I approach the second floor for my eighth session, I look forward to the acupuncture, but I still won’t open my eyes.

New York City