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Your first contact when you call or email will probably be Rosario Gomez. Rosario

Rosario has cared for people in various hospital departments for over a decade. Her experience in helping patients who are in pain and discomfort fits in with Dr. Moroz’s warm and sympathetic approach. Rosario’s empathy for every patient and professional demeanor will ensure that each is treated with respect and kindness. Rosario will greet you with patience and understanding, and her personal goal is to try to make you feel that your every need is met.

You can reach Rosario at 646-501-7277.

If your call cannot be answered right away, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. The office closes at 5pm on Fridays and reopens on Mondays at 9am. We are not equipped to handle medical emergencies and ask that at night or weekends you reach out to your primary care physician or, for urgent matters, go immediately to the nearest emergency room.

If you like how our practice works, or want to suggest a way for us to improve, please leave a comment below, it will help us serve you better next time.